Faifai Beach, Guam Territory, Western Pacific Region, USA

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Nestled on the picturesque island of Guam, Faifai Beach is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travellers seeking a tranquil escape amidst natural beauty and attraction places near me. Faifai Beach Guam, a pristine stretch of shoreline, is renowned for its unspoiled, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The serene ambiance and the untouched charm of this coastal paradise make it a perfect destination for those looking to unwind, enjoy water activities, or simply soak in the sun’s warmth. As the focus keyword, Faifai Beach Guam, encapsulates the essence of this article, it sets the stage for a detailed exploration of this stunning coastal destination and its myriad offerings.

A Brief History Of Faifai Beach 

Faifai Beach Guam, with its rich history, offers a unique glimpse into the past of this enchanting island. Known by the indigenous Chamorro people long before Western contact, this coastal area has been a site of cultural significance for generations. The name “Faifai” itself holds historical significance, originating from the Chamorro word for “bathe” or “wash.” Throughout Guam’s colonial history, Faifai Beach served as a place where local fishermen would set off to sea, and where women would gather to prepare fish and other delicacies. Today, while it has evolved into a sought-after tourist destination, it still carries the echoes of its fascinating history, making a visit to Faifai Beach an exploration of both natural beauty and the island’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Attractive Places In Faifai Beach 

Faifai Beach in Guam offers a plethora of attractive fall things to do near me. From the stunning Faifai Beach itself to the captivating Tumon Bay and Tarague Beach, the coastal beauty is undeniable. History buffs will appreciate the War in the Pacific National Historical Park, while the Cetti Bay Overlook provides breathtaking panoramic views.

Attractions On Faifai Beach 

  • Faifai Beach
  • Tumon Bay
  • Tarague Beach
  • War in the Pacific National Historical Park
  • Cetti Bay Overlook
  • Fish Eye Marine Park
  • Ypao Beach Park
  • Two Lovers Point
  • Piti Bomb Holes
  • Guam Beach and Culture Park
  • Skinner Plaza
  • Fort Apugan
  • Plaza de España
  • Chamorro Village
  • Pacific War Museum

Things To Do On Faifai Beach 

When it comes to finding free things to do near me in Faifai Beach Guam, there’s no shortage of options. Enjoy snorkelling, beachcombing, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, and kayaking. The beach’s pristine shores are perfect for sunset watching and picnicking. Nature enthusiasts can engage in bird watching, and photographers will find endless subjects.

Things You Can Do In A Specific Faifai Beach 

  • Snorkeling
  • Beachcombing
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Scuba Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Sunset Watching
  • Picnicking
  • Bird Watching
  • Photography
  • Water Sports
  • Cultural Tours
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  • Historical Site Visits
  • Dolphin Watching

Incredible Facilities Of Faifai Beach 

Faifai Beach offers an array of incredible facilities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Beachfront resorts provide a luxurious stay, while water sports rentals ensure you can fully embrace the aquatic adventures. Beachside cafes offer a delightful culinary experience, and scenic trails lead to memorable explorations. Picnic areas, public restrooms, and BBQ facilities cater to families and groups. 

Incredible Facilities Options In Faifai Beach 

  • Beachfront Resorts
  • Water Sports Rentals
  • Beachside Cafes
  • Scenic Trails
  • Picnic Areas
  • Public Restrooms
  • Gift Shops
  • Snorkeling Gear Shops
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Cultural Centers
  • Visitor Centers
  • Lifeguard Services
  • Viewing Decks
  • Historical Plaques
  • Accessibility Features

Nightlife Options On Faifai Beach 

As the sun sets in Faifai Beach, the nightlife comes to life, offering a variety of things to do for free near me. Beachfront bars set the mood, and dance clubs keep you moving. Enjoy live music at venues across the area, or showcase your talent at karaoke bars. Lounge cafes provide a laid-back atmosphere, and sunset cruises offer romantic moments.

Types Of Nightlife Options On Faifai Beach 

  • Beachfront Bars
  • Dance Clubs
  • Live Music Venues
  • Karaoke Bars
  • Lounge Cafes
  • Sunset Cruises
  • Night Markets
  • Fire Dancers
  • Cultural Performances
  • Beach Bonfires
  • Outdoor Cinema Nights
  • Stargazing Tours
  • Luaus
  • Dinner Shows
  • Local Festivals

Availability Of Tour Guide For Faifai Beach 

Exploring Faifai Beach Guam can be even more enriching with the assistance of knowledgeable tour guides. Local tour operators are readily available, offering certified guides for various types of tours. You can opt for customized experiences or join group tours to make new friends.

Options For Availing Tour Guides For Faifai Beach 

  • Local Tour Operators
  • Certified Tour Guides
  • Customized Tours
  • Group Tours
  • Historical Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Adventure Tours
  • Nature Tours
  • Water Sports Guides
  • Photography Tours
  • Bird Watching Guides
  • Nightlife Tours
  • Language Options
  • Educational Tours
  • Family-Friendly Tours

Backpack Tips & Tricks For Faifai Beach 

When venturing to Faifai Beach in Guam, it’s crucial to pack wisely, considering backpack safety tips. Start with a lightweight backpack to make your exploration hassle-free. Quick-dry clothing and water-resistant bag covers ensure you stay comfortable and your essentials stay dry. High SPF sunscreen and UV-protective sunglasses are must-haves under the tropical sun. Don’t forget a reusable water bottle, snorkelling gear, insect repellent, and a first-aid kit.

Backpacking Tips And Tricks For Visiting Faifai Beach 

  • Lightweight backpack
  • Quick-dry clothing
  • Water-resistant bag covers
  • High SPF sunscreen
  • UV-protective sunglasses
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Insect repellent
  • First-aid kit
  • Ziplock bags for electronics
  • Travel-sized toiletries
  • Beach hat
  • Local maps or GPS device
  • Power bank
  • Travel insurance.

Useful Products For Faifai Beach 

To fully enjoy Faifai Beach, consider packing a beach umbrella for shade and reef-safe sunscreen to protect the marine environment. An insulated cooler keeps your refreshments cool, while sand-free beach towels are both practical and comfortable. Don’t forget a waterproof phone case to capture memories without worry. Water shoes are ideal for exploring rocky areas, and portable beach chairs provide comfort. 

Useful Products That Are Considered Essential For Faifai Beach 

  • Beach umbrella
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Insulated cooler
  • Sand-free beach towels
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Water shoes
  • Portable beach chairs
  • Picnic set
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Travel-size wet wipes
  • Beach games
  • Biodegradable trash bags
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Compact beach tent
  • Handheld fan.

Availability Of Food On Faifai Beach 

When it’s time to satisfy your hunger at Faifai Beach Guam, you’re in for a treat. You can savour the availability of healthy food like fresh seafood caught right from the ocean or indulge in the flavours of local Chamorro cuisine. If you prefer a DIY approach, many areas offer BBQ grills for rent. Food stalls serve mouthwatering Chamorro barbecue, and beachside cafes provide a delightful culinary experience with ocean views.

Food Options That You Can Avail In Faifai Beach 

  • Fresh seafood
  • Local Chamorro cuisine
  • BBQ grills for rent
  • Food stalls serving Chamorro barbecue
  • Beachside cafes
  • Tropical fruit vendors
  • Picnic areas with tables
  • Onigiri (rice balls)
  • Packed lunch or bento boxes
  • Food trucks with international fare
  • Coolers with homemade sandwiches
  • Grilled corn on the cob
  • Coconut water stands
  • Local desserts like latiya
  • Ice cream vendors.

Weather Details On Faifai Beach 

Faifai Beach Guam, experiences mild, dry weather in January and February (77°F). March warms up (81°F). April and May are dry and pleasant (83°F). June is hot and humid with occasional showers. July is the wettest month. August is humid with sporadic thunderstorms. September is less rainy. October cools slightly (84°F). November is pleasant, and December is mild and dry (78°F).

Expected Faifai Beach  Weather Details For Overall Months

Month Weather Daytime Temperatures
Jan Mild and dry Around 77°F (25°C)
Feb Mild and dry Around 77°F (25°C)
March Warming up Around 81°F (27°C)
April Dry and enjoyable Average around 83°F (28°C)
May Further increase in temperatures Around 86°F (30°C)
June Hot and humid Around 86°F (30°C)
July Wettest month Occasional tropical storms
August Humid with occasional thunderstorms Around 86°F (30°C)
September Humid with less rainfall than July and August Around 86°F (30°C)
October Gradual cooling Around 84°F (29°C)
November Pleasant weather with reduced humidity Around 80°F (27°C)
December Mild and dry Around 78°F (26°C)

Plant Species Of Faifai Beach 

Faifai Beach Guam is adorned with a variety of beautiful plant species, enhancing its natural charm. These include the iconic coconut palms, Pandanus trees, beach morning glories, sea grapes, and ironwood trees. Beach naupaka, beach heliotropes, and hala trees contribute to the coastal ecosystem, while plants like beach bean, beach hibiscus, and beach vitex add vibrancy to the landscape. 

Plant Species At Faifai Beach 

  • Coconut palms
  • Pandanus trees
  • Beach morning glories
  • Sea grapes
  • Ironwood trees
  • Beach naupaka
  • Beach heliotropes
  • Hala trees
  • Beach morning glory
  • Pemphis acidula (Guam’s native shrub)
  • Beach bean
  • Beach hibiscus
  • Beach vitex
  • Coastal morning glory
  • Guam palm (Diospyros maritima)

Animal Species Of Faifai Beach 

Faifai Beach in Guam is home to a variety of mammals, including fruit bats, rats, mice, and feral pigs. The area also hosts water buffalo, hermit crabs, beach mice, marsh rats, geckos, skinks, slender blind snakes, blue-tailed skinks, Pacific sheath-tailed bats, Sulcata tortoises, spotted doves, and more. These diverse species contribute to the island’s unique ecosystem.

Mammals At Faifai Beach 

  • Fruit bats
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Feral pigs
  • Water buffalo
  • Hermit crabs
  • Beach mice
  • Marsh rats
  • Geckos
  • Skinks
  • Slender blind snakes
  • Blue-tailed skinks
  • Pacific sheath-tailed bats
  • Sulcata tortoises
  • Spotted dove.

Bird Species Of Faifai Beach 

The avian diversity at Faifai Beach, Guam, is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Among the notable bird species in the area are the Micronesian kingfisher, Guam rail, Mariana fruit dove, Micronesian myzomela, white tern, Mariana crow, golden white-eye, rufous fantail, Micronesian honeyeater, Micronesian starling, cardinal honeyeater, bridled white-eye, rufous-backed kingfisher, collared kingfisher, and the common moorhen.

Birds Species In Faifai Beach 

  • Micronesian kingfisher
  • Guam rail
  • Mariana fruit dove
  • Micronesian myzomela
  • White tern
  • Mariana crow
  • Golden white-eye
  • Rufous fantail
  • Micronesian honeyeater
  • Micronesian starling
  • Cardinal honeyeater
  • Bridled white-eye
  • Rufous-backed kingfisher
  • Collared kingfisher
  • Common moorhen.

Nearby Attractive Places Of Faifai Beach 

The vicinity of Faifai Beach boasts a myriad of attractive destinations for families looking for free things to do near me with kids. Nearby, you can explore Tumon Bay, Tarague Beach, and the historical War in the Pacific National Historical Park. Two Lovers Point offers breathtaking views, while Fish Eye Marine Park, Ypao Beach Park, and other sites provide endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Attractive Places Near Faifai Beach 

  • Tumon Bay
  • Tarague Beach
  • War in the Pacific National Historical Park
  • Two Lovers Point
  • Fish Eye Marine Park
  • Ypao Beach Park
  • Piti Bomb Holes
  • Skinner Plaza
  • Fort Apugan
  • Plaza de España
  • Chamorro Village
  • Pacific War Museum
  • Tagachang Beach
  • Gun Beach
  • Cocos Island.

Nearby Clubs Of Faifai Beach 

For those seeking vibrant Faifai Beach nightlife and entertainment, Faifai Beach offers access to a variety of nearby clubs. Options include The Globe Nightclub, Drop, Lighthouse Lounge, Livehouse, The Beach Bar, Jazz Bar, Cowboy Ninja, and more. These venues provide diverse experiences for visitors looking to enjoy the evening hours.

Clubs That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach 

  • The Globe Nightclub
  • Drop
  • Lighthouse Lounge
  • Livehouse
  • The Beach Bar
  • Jazz Bar
  • Cowboy Ninja
  • Infinity Beach Club
  • Rekz Karaoke
  • Islander Terrace
  • Ypao Beach Club
  • Star Lounge
  • Club Karaoke
  • Beachin’ Booze
  • Manhattan Club.

Nearby Spa Of Faifai Beach 

To unwind and relax, there are several nearby spas to choose from around Faifai Beach. Options include Mandara Spa, Serenity Spa, The Sante Day Spa, Lagoon Spa, Island Skin Spa, Proa Massage, Island Sensation Spa, and many more. These establishments provide rejuvenating experiences amidst the natural beauty of the area.

Spas That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Mandara Spa
  • Serenity Spa
  • The Sante Day Spa
  • Lagoon Spa
  • Island Skin Spa
  • Proa Massage
  • Island Sensation Spa
  • Okeanos Spa
  • Seaside Spa
  • Magic Hands Spa
  • Aloe Spa
  • Zen Spa
  • Synergy Spa
  • Island Therapy Spa
  • Wellness Spa.

Nearby Bank Of Faifai Beach 

While Faifai Beach itself may not have banks directly on its shore, the island of Guam has a number of financial institutions serving the area. Notable options include Bank of Guam, First Hawaiian Bank, BankPacific, ANZ Guam, Inc., and Coast360 Federal Credit Union.

Bank That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Bank of Guam
  • First Hawaiian Bank
  • BankPacific
  • ANZ Guam, Inc.
  • Coast360 Federal Credit Union.

Nearby Supermarket Of Faifai Beach 

To stock up on supplies and groceries, visitors have several options in the vicinity. Among the choices are Pay-Less Supermarkets, Kmart, GPO Supermarket, Micronesia Mall Supermarket, SM Island Mart, Macheche Market, and Joeten Superstore.

Supermarkets That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach 

  • Pay-Less Supermarkets
  • Kmart
  • GPO Supermarket
  • Micronesia Mall Supermarket
  • SM Island Mart
  • Macheche Market
  • Joeten Superstore.

Nearby Shopping Malls Of Faifai Beach 

For shopping and entertainment, numerous malls are situated nearby. Explore places like Guam Premier Outlets (GPO), Micronesia Mall, Agana Shopping Center, Tumon Sands Plaza, The Plaza Shopping Center, The Outrigger Guam Beach Resort, and Kmart Shopping Plaza.

Shopping Malls That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach 

  • Guam Premier Outlets (GPO)
  • Micronesia Mall
  • Agana Shopping Center
  • Tumon Sands Plaza
  • The Plaza Shopping Center
  • The Outrigger Guam Beach Resort
  • Kmart Shopping Plaza.

Nearby Markets Of Faifai Beach 

To experience the local culture and shop for unique items, you can visit markets like Chamorro Village Market, Mangilao Night Market, Dededo Flea Market, Tamuning Night Market, Tumon Night Market, Hagåtña Farmers’ Co-op Market, and Yigo Flea Market.

Markets That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Chamorro Village Market
  • Mangilao Night Market
  • Dededo Flea Market
  • Tamuning Night Market
  • Tumon Night Market
  • Hagåtña Farmers’ Co-op Market
  • Yigo Flea Market.

Nearby Guest Houses Of Faifai Beach 

While guest houses may not be directly on Faifai Beach, there are comfortable accommodations nearby. Consider options such as Inarajan Vacation House, Cozy Palms Inn, Tumon Bel-Air Serviced Residence, The Palmridge Inn, Wyndham Garden Guam, Guam Reef Hotel, Hotel Santa Fe, Hotel Nikko Guam, Pacific Islands Club Guam, Tumon Bay Capital Hotel, The Westin Resort Guam, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Days Inn Guam, Bayview Hotel Guam, and Garden Villa Hotel.

Guest Houses That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach 

  • Inarajan Vacation House
  • Cozy Palms Inn
  • Tumon Bel-Air Serviced Residence
  • The Palmridge Inn
  • Wyndham Garden Guam
  • Guam Reef Hotel
  • Hotel Santa Fe
  • Hotel Nikko Guam
  • Pacific Islands Club Guam
  • Tumon Bay Capital Hotel
  • The Westin Resort Guam
  • Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
  • Days Inn Guam
  • Bayview Hotel Guam
  • Garden Villa Hotel.

Nearby Luxurious Hotels Of Faifai Beach 

If you’re looking for a touch of luxury near Faifai Beach, you have a range of high-end options to choose from. Consider these 15 luxurious hotels for a memorable stay, including The Westin Resort Guam, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Hyatt Regency Guam, Lotte Hotel Guam, Dusit Thani Guam Resort, Outrigger Guam Beach Resort, Leopalace Resort Guam, Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, Pacific Star Resort & Spa, Fiesta Resort Guam, Onward Beach Resort, Nikko Saipan, The Tsubaki Tower, Hotel Nikko Guam, and Royal Orchid Guam Hotel.

Luxury Hotels That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • The Westin Resort Guam
  • Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
  • Hyatt Regency Guam
  • Lotte Hotel Guam
  • Dusit Thani Guam Resort
  • Outrigger Guam Beach Resort
  • Leopalace Resort Guam
  • Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort
  • Pacific Star Resort & Spa
  • Fiesta Resort Guam
  • Onward Beach Resort
  • Nikko Saipan
  • The Tsubaki Tower
  • Hotel Nikko Guam
  • Royal Orchid Guam Hotel.

Nearby Cheap Hotels Of Faifai Beach 

For budget-conscious travellers looking for Faifai Beach hotels, there are comfortable and affordable options near Faifai Beach. Consider staying at Days Inn Guam, Comfort Inn Lower East Side, Verona Resort & Spa, Garden Villa Hotel, Oceanview Hotel & Residences, Alupang Beach Tower, Hotel Santa Fe, Tumon Bel-Air Serviced Residence, Alupang Beach Club, Tamuning Plaza Hotel, Ypao Breeze Inn, Emerald Oceanview, Grand Plaza Hotel, One Pacific Hotel, or Holiday Resort & Spa Guam.

Cheap Hotels That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Days Inn Guam
  • Comfort Inn Lower East Side
  • Verona Resort & Spa
  • Garden Villa Hotel
  • Oceanview Hotel & Residences
  • Alupang Beach Tower
  • Hotel Santa Fe
  • Tumon Bel-Air Serviced Residence
  • Alupang Beach Club
  • Tamuning Plaza Hotel
  • Ypao Breeze Inn
  • Emerald Oceanview
  • Grand Plaza Hotel
  • One Pacific Hotel
  • Holiday Resort & Spa Guam.

Nearby Luxurious Restaurants Of Faifai Beach

Indulge in exquisite dining near Faifai Beach at these luxurious restaurants, offering a variety of culinary delights for visitors seeking a taste of paradise. Savor dishes at Al Dente Ristorante, Roy’s Restaurant, PROA Restaurant, Jeff’s Pirates Cove, The View at Dusit Thani, Alfredo’s Steak House, Prime Steakhouse, Alupang Beach Club, LSG Sky Chefs Restaurant, Akira Japanese Restaurant, Eataliano, Jeff’s Pirates Cove, The Islander Terrace, Manhattan Steakhouse, and Isa Korean BBQ – the perfect complement to your beach experience. Explore the finest Faifai Beach restaurants here.

Luxury Restaurants That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Al Dente Ristorante
  • Roy’s Restaurant
  • PROA Restaurant
  • Jeff’s Pirates Cove
  • The View at Dusit Thani
  • Alfredo’s Steak House
  • Prime Steakhouse
  • Alupang Beach Club
  • LSG Sky Chefs Restaurant
  • Akira Japanese Restaurant
  • Eataliano
  • Jeff’s Pirates Cove
  • The Islander Terrace
  • Manhattan Steakhouse
  • Isa Korean BBQ.

Nearby Cheap Restaurants Of Faifai Beach

Enjoy the convenience and availability of fast food restaurants near Faifai Beach. You can savor affordable yet delicious meals at budget-friendly establishments like Tu Re Café, KFC, Capricciosa, Jamaican Grill, King’s Restaurant, McDonald’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Cafe Isla, Taco Bell, Subway, Denny’s, Yoshinoya, Guahan Grill, Little Caesars Pizza, or Yummy Tummy.

Cheap Restaurants That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Tu Re Café
  • KFC
  • Capricciosa
  • Jamaican Grill
  • King’s Restaurant
  • McDonald’s
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Cafe Isla
  • Taco Bell
  • Subway
  • Denny’s
  • Yoshinoya
  • Guahan Grill
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Yummy Tummy.

Nearby Public Transport For Faifai Beach

To get around conveniently, you can rely on various public transportation options near Faifai Beach. These include Guam Public Transit Authority (GPTA) buses, taxis, ride-sharing services, rental cars, shuttle services to hotels, pedestrian-friendly streets, biking paths, hotel shuttles, limousine services, private airport transfers, Guam Trolley, bicycle rentals, tourist information centers, water taxis, and scooter rentals.

Nearby Public Transportations Options For Faifai Beach

  • Guam Public Transit Authority (GPTA) buses
  • Taxis
  • Ride-sharing services
  • Rental cars
  • Shuttle services to hotels
  • Pedestrian-friendly streets
  • Biking paths
  • Hotel shuttles
  • Limousine services
  • Private airport transfers
  • Guam Trolley
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Tourist information centers
  • Water taxis
  • Scooter rentals.

Nearby Airports Of Faifai Beach

For travelers arriving or departing from Faifai Beach Guam, you’ll find several airports in the vicinity, including Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (Guam’s main airport), Andersen Air Force Base Airport, Saipan International Airport, Rota International Airport, and Tinian International Airport.

Airports That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (Guam’s main airport)
  • Andersen Air Force Base Airport
  • Saipan International Airport
  • Rota International Airport
  • Tinian International Airport

Nearby Hospitals Of Faifai Beach

Healthcare services near Faifai Beach are readily accessible at hospitals such as Guam Memorial Hospital, Naval Hospital Guam, Guam Regional Medical City, FHP Health Center, and Guam Naval Base Branch Medical Clinic.

Hospitals That Are Considered Near Faifai Beach

  • Guam Memorial Hospital
  • Naval Hospital Guam
  • Guam Regional Medical City
  • FHP Health Center
  • Guam Naval Base Branch Medical Clinic

Google Map Location For Faifai Beach

Faifai Beach is located on the western coast of the beautiful island of Guam in the western Pacific Ocean. Its coordinates are approximately 13.4708° N latitude and 144.6627° E longitude. You can easily find it on Google Maps by searching for Faifai Beach, Guam.

Exact Map Link For Faifai Beach Guam

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Where is Faifai Beach located in Guam?

Ans: Faifai Beach is situated on the western coast of Guam, near the village of Yona.

Q: Is Faifai Beach suitable for swimming and water activities?

Ans: Yes, Faifai Beach offers calm, clear waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Q: Are there restroom facilities at Faifai Beach?

Ans: Yes, there are restroom facilities available for visitors’ convenience.

Q: Can I find picnic areas or barbecue spots at Faifai Beach?

Ans: Yes, there are designated areas for picnics and barbecues, making it a great spot for a family outing.

Q: Are there nearby accommodations for those who want to stay overnight?

Ans: Yes, there are hotels and resorts in the area where visitors can stay and enjoy the beach over an extended period.

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