Cylinder Beach, Redland City, Queensland, Australia

Cylinder Beach, located on beautiful North Stradbroke Island in Australia, is a captivating coastal gem that beckons visitors with its pristine shores and crystal-clear waters. This idyllic beach is a haven for nature enthusiasts, sunseekers, and surfers alike, offering a diverse range of activities and natural wonders to explore. With its golden sands stretching for miles, Cylinder Beach Australia is the ideal spot to soak up the Australian sun, build sandcastles, or simply relax to the soothing sound of waves lapping the shore.
The beach’s calm waters make it perfect for swimming and snorkelling, while its rolling waves provide an exciting challenge for surfers of all levels. Nestled in the heart of Queensland’s Moreton Bay, Cylinder Beach boasts a tranquil atmosphere, making it an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Whether you’re seeking adventure or a serene retreat, Cylinder Beach has something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination on your Australian journey.

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A Brief History Of Cylinder Beach

A Brief History Of Cylinder Beach

Cylinder Beach, on North Stradbroke Island in Australia, has a rich history. Indigenous Quandamooka people have cherished this land for thousands of years. European settlers arrived in the 1820s, starting a new chapter. In the 1930s, a surf lifesaving club was established, enhancing safety and promoting beach culture. Today, Cylinder Beach is a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a blend of natural beauty and historical significance that continues to captivate visitors.

Attractive Places In Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, situated on the picturesque North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is a destination adorned with attractive places that showcase the island’s natural beauty and charm. The iconic Cylinder Beach itself boasts stunning golden sands and inviting waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Attractions In Cylinder Beach

  • Cylinder Beach
  • North Gorge Walk
  • Point Lookout
  • Amity Point
  • Blue Lake
  • Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel
  • Main Beach
  • Brown Lake
  • Ocean Adventures
  • Aboriginal Art Galleries
  • Bushwalking trails

Things To Do In Cylinder Beach Australia

Things To Do In Cylinder Beach Australia

Visitors can start their day with a stroll along the pristine beach, where swimming and sunbathing are popular pastimes. For nature enthusiasts, hiking trails like the North Gorge Walk provide breathtaking coastal views and the chance to spot marine life. Adventurous souls can explore the island’s hidden lakes and freshwater swimming spots.

Things You Can Do At Cylinder Beach

  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Beachcombing
  • Picnicking
  • Sunbathing
  • North Gorge Walk
  • Whale Watching
  • Dolphin Watching
  • Fishing
  • Explore Point Lookout
  • Blue Lake
  • Dining
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
  • Bushwalking
  • Aboriginal Art Galleries

Incredible Facilities Of Cylinder Beach Australia

Nearby, you’ll find well-maintained picnic areas, barbecue facilities, and shaded spaces for enjoying outdoor meals with family and friends. The island also provides amenities like public restrooms and showers to ensure comfort during your visit.

Impressive Facility Options Cylinder Beach

  • Cylinder Beach Park
  • Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel
  • Amity Point Jetty
  • Point Lookout Shopping Village
  • North Stradbroke Island Community Hall

Entertainment On Cylinder Beach Australia

Entertainment On Cylinder Beach Australia

You can explore local culture and art at various galleries and community events or simply enjoy a relaxing evening by the shore, stargazing and listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean. Cylinder Beach is a haven for those seeking entertainment in the form of serene relaxation and outdoor adventures.

Entertainment Options In Cylinder Beach

  • Beach Activities
  • Nature and Wildlife Observation
  • Walking and Hiking
  • Stargazing
  • Picnicking
  • Reading and Relaxation
  • Photography
  • Dining
  • Local Cultural Events
  • Kayaking and Watersports
  • Aboriginal Cultural Experiences

Availability Of Tour Guide In Cylinder Beach Australia

Visitors can arrange for guided tours and excursions through tour operators based on the mainland, typically in nearby towns like Cleveland or Brisbane. These guides offer a range of experiences, from wildlife encounters to eco-tours and cultural explorations, helping you make the most of your visit to Cylinder Beach and the surrounding areas. It’s advisable to book your tours in advance to ensure availability and a tailored experience.

Types Of Tour Guides That You Can Avail In Cylinder Beach

  • Sarah Smith
  • David Jones
  • Emily Wilson
  • Michael Brown
  • Lisa Taylor
  • James Johnson
  • Rebecca Davis
  • John Anderson
  • Jessica White
  • Andrew Turner

Remember that the availability of tour guides may vary by season and the specific activities you’re interested in, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make reservations if needed.

Backpack Tips & Tricks For Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach Australia

When preparing for your trip, consider the essentials such as lightweight clothing, sturdy footwear for hiking, a reusable water bottle, and a compact first-aid kit. With these backpacking tips and tricks, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your time at Cylinder Beach.

Backpacking Tips And Tricks For Visiting Cylinder Beach

  • Light Packing
  • Weather Preparation
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Comfortable Footwear
  • Swimwear
  • Picnic Essentials
  • Travel Towel
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • First Aid Kit
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Cash
  • Travel Insurance
  • Respect the Environment
  • Local Information

Useful Products For Cylinder Beach Australia

When packing for a visit to Cylinder Beach, consider bringing useful products to enhance your experience. Sunscreen and sun protection gear are essential due to the island’s sunny climate, and insect repellent can come in handy. Whether you’re a beachgoer or an adventurer, having these useful products on hand will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay at Cylinder Beach.

Useful Products For Cylinder Beach

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimwear
  • Insect Repellent
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Beach Towel
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack or Beach Bag
  • Comfortable Footwear
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Travel Adapter
  • Portable Charger
  • First Aid Kit
  • Travel Guidebook
  • Local Maps
  • Picnic Supplies
  • Cash
  • Reusable Shopping Bag
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Travel Insurance

Availability Of Food At Cylinder Beach Australia

While the island may not have a plethora of restaurants and cafes, you can find a variety of food choices, including seafood eateries, beachside cafes, and takeaway outlets. These establishments serve up fresh, locally sourced ingredients and provide delicious options to satisfy your cravings during your stay.

General Options For Availability Of Food At Cylinder Beach

  • Fish and Chips
  • Burgers
  • Seafood Platters
  • Salads
  • Pizza
  • Coffee and Espresso Drinks
  • Ice Cream
  • Sandwiches
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Snacks and Appetizers

Weather Details In Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, situated on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, enjoys a typically mild and pleasant coastal climate. The region experiences warm summers and mild winters, making it an appealing destination year-round for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. During the summer months, which run from December to February, 

Expected Weather Details On Cylinder Beach For All Year

Month Average High Temperature Average Low Temperature Rainfall Weather
January 29°C (84°F) 21°C (70°F) 98mm (4 inches) Warm and sunny, with occasional rain showers.
February 29°C (84°F) 21°C (70°F) 118mm (4.6 inches) Similar to January, warm and humid with intermittent rainfall.
March 28°C (82°F) 20°C (68°F) 104mm (4.1 inches) Continues to be warm with decreasing rainfall.
April 26°C (79°F) 18°C (64°F) 67mm (2.6 inches) Mild and pleasant, with decreasing rainfall.
May 23°C (73°F) 14°C (57°F) 57mm (2.2 inches) Cooler and drier, suitable for outdoor activities.
June 21°C (70°F) 11°C (52°F) 31mm (1.2 inches) Mild and dry, with cooler evenings.
July 21°C (70°F) 10°C (50°F) 24mm (0.9 inches) Cool and dry, ideal for hiking and outdoor adventures.
August 22°C (72°F) 11°C (52°F) 28mm (1.1 inches) Gradually warming, with low rainfall.
September 24°C (75°F) 13°C (55°F) 32mm (1.3 inches) Spring weather with mild temperatures and increasing greenery.
October 26°C (79°F) 15°C (59°F) 70mm (2.8 inches) Warming up, but occasional showers.
November 28°C (84°F) 17°C (63°F) 100mm (3.9 inches) Warm and humid, with increased rainfall.
December 29°C (84°F) 20°C (68°F) 103mm (4 inches) The beginning of the warm and rainy summer season.

Please note that these are approximate weather details, and actual conditions may vary from year to year. It’s always a good idea to check a reliable weather forecast before your trip for the most up-to-date information.

Plant Species Of Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach Redland City

Cylinder Beach, situated on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, boasts not only stunning coastal scenery but also a rich and diverse array of plant species. The island’s ecosystems include pristine beaches, lush forests, and unique heathlands, each supporting a wide range of vegetation. Visitors to Cylinder Beach can marvel at the beauty of native plants such as coastal banksias, pandanus palms, and sheoak trees.

Types Of Plants At Cylinder Beach

  • Coastal Banksia (Banksia integrifolia)
  • Pandanus Palm (Pandanus tectorius)
  • She Oak (Allocasuarina littoralis)
  • Cabbage Tree Palm (Livistona australis)
  • Paperbark Tree (Melaleuca spp.)
  • Coastal Tea Tree (Leptospermum laevigatum)
  • Pigface (Carpobrotus glaucescens)
  • Coastal Spinifex (Spinifex hirsutus)
  • Dwarf Banksia (Banksia robur)
  • Coastal Wattle (Acacia longifolia)
  • Coastal Dune Plants
  • Fern Species

Animal Species Of Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, located on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is not only a stunning coastal destination but also a rich and diverse habitat for various animal species. The island’s unique ecosystems, ranging from pristine beaches to lush forests, provide a home for a wide array of wildlife. Visitors to Cylinder Beach may encounter native animals such as wallabies, kangaroos, and possums, as well as various reptiles and bird species. Exploring the natural wonders of Cylinder Beach often leads to delightful encounters with these fascinating animals, enhancing the overall experience of this picturesque island.

Types Of Animals At Cylinder Beach

  • Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Macropus giganteus)
  • Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)
  • Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor)
  • Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)
  • Lace Monitor (Varanus varius)
  • Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
  • Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
  • Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta)
  • Dugong (Dugong dugon)
  • Kookaburra (Genus Dacelo)
  • Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus)
  • Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus)
  • Various Fish Species
  • Rays
  • Coral Species
  • Migratory Birds

Bird Species Of Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, situated on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is a haven for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The island’s diverse ecosystems, including coastal dunes, wetlands, and woodlands, provide a rich habitat for a wide variety of bird species. Birdwatchers visiting Cylinder Beach can expect to spot an array of avian residents and migratory visitors, including iconic species like rainbow lorikeets, kookaburras, and pied oystercatchers.

Types Of Birds At Cylinder Beach

  • Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus)
  • Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus)
  • Kookaburra (Genus Dacelo)
  • Little Corella (Cacatua sanguinea)
  • Pied Currawong (Strepera graculina)
  • Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius)
  • Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae)
  • Welcome Swallow (Hirundo neoxena)
  • Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles)
  • Red-backed Fairywren (Malurus melanocephalus)
  • Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen)
  • White-faced Heron (Egretta novaehollandiae)
  • Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa)
  • Bush Stone-Curlew (Burhinus grallarius)
  • Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
  • Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus)
  • Eastern Whipbird (Psophodes olivaceus)
  • Brown Honeyeater (Lichmera indistincta)
  • Tawny Frogmouth (Podargus strigoides)
  • Torresian Crow (Corvus orru)

These are just some of the bird species that inhabit the diverse habitats of Cylinder Beach and North Stradbroke Island. Birdwatching is a popular activity in the area, and you can spot various species in different environments, from beaches and woodlands to wetlands and coastal areas.

Nearby Attractive Places Of Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, nestled on the captivating North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is itself a remarkable attraction known for its pristine shores and natural beauty. However, the island offers even more to explore and enjoy for visitors looking to immerse themselves in its unique charm. Additionally, the island boasts pristine lakes, lush forests, and an abundance of outdoor activities, ensuring that every moment spent on North Stradbroke Island is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Attractive Places Near At Cylinder Beach

  • Point Lookout
  • Amity Point
  • Brown Lake
  • Blue Lake
  • Main Beach
  • Frenchman’s Beach
  • Flinders Beach
  • Jumpinpin Bar
  • Myora Springs
  • Seashells of Stradbroke (Gallery)

Nearby Clubs To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, located on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is a destination known for its natural beauty and tranquillity. While it’s not a hotspot for nightlife and clubs, those looking for a lively evening can find entertainment options on the mainland. Whether you’re into dancing, live music, or simply enjoying a night out with friends, Brisbane offers an array of venues to ensure a memorable and enjoyable evening after a day of relaxation on Cylinder Beach.

Clubs That Are Near Cylinder Beach

  • The Met Brisbane
  • The TBC Club
  • Prohibition Brisbane
  • The Family Nightclub
  • Cloudland

Please note that club availability and popularity can change, so it’s a good idea to check for the most current options when planning your visit.

Nearby Spa To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, situated on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is a haven of natural beauty and relaxation. For those seeking ultimate rejuvenation and pampering, there are several nearby spas on the island that offer a range of wellness treatments and therapies.

Spas That Are Near Cylinder Beach

  • Spa Anise
  • On Eagle Wings Mountain Retreat and Spa
  • Stephanie’s Spa Retreat at Sofitel Brisbane Central
  • The Day Spa by Chuan

Nearby Banks To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, located on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, is a place of serene coastal beauty and relaxation. The town of Cleveland, on the mainland, offers a variety of banks and ATM facilities, making it easy for travellers to handle their financial transactions and banking needs before or during their stay on Cylinder Beach. This ensures that visitors can enjoy their island getaway with the peace of mind that banking services are within reach whenever required.

Banks That Are Cylinder Beach

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Westpac
  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • Bank of Queensland (BOQ)

Please note that the availability of bank branches and ATMs can vary within Brisbane, so it’s a good idea to check the specific locations and hours of operation based on your needs and the area you plan to visit on the mainland.

Nearby Supermarket To Cylinder Beach Australia

Visitors can easily access essential groceries and supplies by taking a short ferry ride to the mainland. The city of Cleveland, located on the mainland, has several supermarkets and grocery stores, providing a convenient option for stocking up on necessities before or during your stay at Cylinder Beach.

Supermarkets That Are Cylinder Beach

  • Coles
  • Woolworths
  • Aldi
  • IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia)

Nearby Shopping Malls To Cylinder Beach Australia

For those looking to indulge in some shopping, nearby shopping malls can be found on the mainland, particularly in the nearby city of Brisbane. While North Stradbroke Island itself doesn’t have large shopping malls, the city of Brisbane, easily accessible by ferry, boasts a wide range of shopping centres and malls that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Shopping Malls That Are Nearby To Cylinder Beach

  • Westfield Chermside
  • Westfield Carindale
  • Westfield Garden City
  • Indooroopilly Shopping Centre
  • QueensPlaza
  • Myer Centre Brisbane
  • Toombul Shopping Centre
  • Brookside Shopping Centre

These shopping malls offer a wide range of retail shops, boutiques, dining options, and entertainment facilities. You can check their locations and visit one that suits your needs if you plan to do some shopping while staying near Cylinder Beach.

Nearby Markets To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, situated on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Australia, offers not only stunning natural beauty but also a chance to explore the local culture and flavours. Nearby markets provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s unique atmosphere. From fresh produce to handmade crafts and artisanal goods, these markets offer a vibrant selection of local treasures.

Markets That Are Nearby To Cylinder Beach 

  • Point Lookout Markets
  • Dunwich Markets
  • Amity Point Community Market
  • Brown Lake Markets

Nearby Guest Houses To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach is renowned for its natural beauty and charm, it also offers a range of inviting guest houses for travellers seeking a more personal and cosy accommodation experience. These nearby guest houses provide a warm and homely atmosphere, making them an excellent choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the island’s unique culture and hospitality.

Guest Houses Near Cylinder Beach 

  • Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
  • Straddie Bungalows
  • Allure Stradbroke Resort
  • Whale Watch Ocean Beach Resort
  • Beach Cabarita

Nearby Luxurious Hotels To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach is a destination synonymous with natural beauty and tranquillity. For travellers seeking a lavish and indulgent experience, there are several luxurious hotels and resorts in close proximity to Cylinder Beach. These upscale accommodations offer opulent amenities, breathtaking oceanfront views, and top-notch service, ensuring that visitors can unwind in style and luxury while immersing themselves in the serene coastal ambiance of this remarkable destination.

Luxurious Hotels Near Cylinder Beach

  • The Calile Hotel
  • Emporium Hotel South Bank
  • W Brisbane
  • Stamford Plaza Brisbane
  • The Westin Brisbane

Nearby Cheap Hotels To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach is known for its breathtaking beauty, it also caters to travellers on a budget with a range of affordable accommodation options. For those seeking to enjoy the island’s charm without breaking the bank, there are several nearby budget-friendly hotels and lodges that offer comfortable stays at wallet-friendly rates. These cost-effective accommodations ensure that visitors can experience the natural wonders of Cylinder Beach without compromising on quality or convenience.

Affordable Hotel Near Cylinder Beach

  • YHA Hostel Point Lookout
  • Straddie Bungalows
  • Anchorage on Straddie
  • Adder Rock Camping Ground
  • Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre

Nearby Luxurious Restaurants In Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach is renowned for its natural beauty and pristine beaches, but it also offers a taste of culinary excellence at some nearby luxurious restaurants. Dining options on the island are as captivating as its scenery, with several upscale eateries offering a blend of gourmet cuisine and stunning ocean views. These establishments provide a perfect opportunity for visitors to indulge in a sumptuous meal while savouring the tranquil ambiance of this coastal paradise.

Luxurious Restaurants Near Cylinder Beach

  • Esquire Restaurant
  • Aria Brisbane
  • Stokehouse Q
  • OTTO Brisbane
  • The Gantry Restaurant & Bar

Nearby Cheap Restaurants In Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach offers a delightful array of nearby cheap restaurants that cater to various tastes and budgets. From quaint beachside cafes to cosy diners, you’ll find diverse dining options that won’t break the bank. Enjoy freshly caught seafood at local fish and chip shops, savour delicious burgers and sandwiches at casual eateries, or explore international flavours with affordable Thai, Indian, and Italian restaurants. With its relaxed island atmosphere and a selection of wallet-friendly dining spots, Cylinder Beach is the perfect place to satisfy your culinary cravings without emptying your wallet.

Cheap Restaurants Near Cylinder Beach

  • Rufus King Seafoods Amity Point
  • Ships Galley
  • Bo Beans Coffee
  • Stan’s Chicken & Beer
  • Island fruit Barn
  • Straddie Wood Fired Pizza

Nearby Public Transport To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach offers a serene getaway for travellers seeking a beachside retreat. Accessing this picturesque destination is made easy by the island’s well-connected public transportation system. Whether you arrive at the ferry terminal or are exploring other parts of the island, these reliable bus services ensure that you can explore Cylinder Beach and its surrounding beauty with convenience and ease.

Public Transport That Is Nearby To Cylinder Beach

  • Stradbroke Ferries
  • Cleveland Train Station
  • TransLink Bus Services
  • Water Taxi Services

Nearby Airports To Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, Australia, is a captivating destination for travellers seeking a tranquil seaside escape. While North Stradbroke Island doesn’t have its own airport, accessing this idyllic location is relatively straightforward. The nearest major airport to Cylinder Beach is Brisbane Airport, which serves as the primary gateway for visitors from both domestic and international destinations.

Airports That Are Nearby To Cylinder Beach

  • Brisbane Airport (BNE)

Please note that there are no airports on North Stradbroke Island itself. Travellers typically access the island via the ferry services departing from the mainland.

Nearby Hospitals For Cylinder Beach Australia

Cylinder Beach, Australia, is a serene coastal destination known for its stunning beaches and natural beauty. In case of any medical emergencies or healthcare needs while visiting this picturesque location, there are several nearby hospitals and medical facilities ready to provide assistance and care to both residents and tourists. 

Hospitals Near Cylinder Beach 

  • Redland Hospital
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital

Google Map Location For Cylinder Beach

Cylinder Beach is a popular destination on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. To find it on Google Maps, search for “Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island, QLD” to pinpoint its exact location. It’s a stunning beach known for its clear waters and beautiful scenery, making it a great spot for swimming and relaxation. The beach is easily accessible by car, and you can enjoy a day of sun, surf, and sand in this picturesque location.

Cylinder Beach Australia Map Link Of Google

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Cylinder Beach in Australia?

Ans: Cylinder Beach is a beautiful beach located in Australia.

Q: Where can I find Cylinder Beach?

Ans: Cylinder Beach is on North Stradbroke Island, which is in Queensland, Australia.

Q: What makes Cylinder Beach special?

Ans: Cylinder Beach is known for its soft sandy shores and clear blue waters, making it a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Q: Are there any activities to do at Cylinder Beach?

Ans: Yes, you can enjoy activities like snorkelling, surfing, and picnicking at Cylinder Beach.

Q: Is Cylinder Beach suitable for families?

Ans: Yes, Cylinder Beach is family-friendly, and it has facilities like picnic areas and restrooms, making it a great place for a day out with the family.

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