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Branch Lake Beach, Maine, New England, USA

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Branch Lake Beach Maine offers a serene retreat nestled near Ellsworth, providing a picturesque setting for locals and visitors alike. This scenic spot boasts a pristine freshwater beach, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and various water-based activities.

Surrounded by the tranquility of nature, the beach invites guests to unwind on its sandy shores, take refreshing swims in the clear waters, and indulge in lakeside picnics with family and friends. Branch Lake Beach combines natural beauty with recreational opportunities, offering a peaceful ambiance for individuals seeking a tranquil escape amidst Maine’s captivating landscapes.

A Brief History Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine has a rich history, dating back to the region’s early settlement. Originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, the area saw European settlers establishing communities in the 18th century.

Over time, it evolved into a recreational destination, with the beach becoming a focal point for locals and visitors alike, offering a blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

Attractive Places In Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and charming spots. Visitors can explore nearby attractions like Woodlawn Museum, with its historic estate and gardens, or enjoy the tranquility of Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery.

Attractions On Branch Lake Beach

  • Woodlawn Museum
  • Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery
  • Branch Lake
  • Canaan Historical Society
  • Canaan Union Church
  • Brewer Lake Public Reserved Land
  • Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust
  • Pushaw Lake
  • Indian Trail Park
  • Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
  • Bouchard Family Farms
  • Lake View Golf Course
  • Thurston & Peters Sugar House
  • Brewer Public Library
  • Outdoor Adventure Center

Things To Do On Branch Lake Beach

Explore the beauty of Branch Lake Beach by swimming, picnicking, and enjoying the scenic surroundings. Engage in water activities like kayaking or fishing. Nearby attractions offer opportunities for hiking, exploring historical sites, and experiencing the natural wonders of the region.

Things You Can Do In A Specific Branch Lake Beach

  • Swimming at Branch Lake Beach
  • Picnicking in Canaan Union Church Park
  • Kayaking on Branch Lake
  • Fishing at Brewer Lake
  • Hiking at Great Pond Mountain
  • Exploring Woodlawn Museum and Gardens
  • Visiting Canaan Historical Society
  • Birdwatching at Sunkhaze Meadows
  • Golfing at Lake View Golf Course
  • Exploring Indian Trail Park
  • Enjoying Brewer Public Library
  • Experiencing Outdoor Adventure Center activities
  • Touring Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery
  • Discovering Bouchard Family Farms
  • Tasting maple treats at Thurston & Peters Sugar House.

Incredible Facilities Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine offers remarkable facilities for visitors, including well-maintained picnic areas, clean restroom facilities, convenient parking spaces, designated swimming areas with lifeguards, and accessible boat launches. Visitors can also find shaded spots, walking trails, and scenic viewpoints, enhancing their overall experience.

Incredible Facilities Options In Branch Lake Beach

  • Picnic pavilions
  • Restroom facilities
  • Parking areas
  • Lifeguarded swimming areas
  • Boat launches
  • Shaded seating areas
  • Walking trails
  • Observation decks
  • Playground areas
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • BBQ and grill stations
  • Rental facilities (boats, kayaks)
  • Fishing piers
  • Campgrounds nearby
  • Nature interpretation centers

Nightlife Options On Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine offers limited nightlife due to its focus on natural and family friendly activities. However, nearby towns might offer cozy pubs, waterfront restaurants with evening views, or occasional cultural events, providing relaxed options for a quieter evening.

Types Of Nightlife Options On Branch Lake Beach

  • Waterfront dining
  • Cozy local pubs
  • Live music events
  • Cultural festivals (seasonal)
  • Karaoke nights (at nearby venues)
  • Outdoor movie screenings
  • Stargazing events
  • Bonfires by the lake
  • Sunset boat cruises (seasonal)
  • Guided night hikes (in surrounding areas)
  • Wine tastings (at nearby vineyards)
  • Outdoor concerts (seasonal)
  • Evening art exhibits
  • Beachside campfire gatherings
  • Local theater performances

Availability Of Tour Guide For Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine may have limited formal tour guide services. Visitors can explore the area with local nature enthusiasts or guides available through outdoor adventure centers or local tourism offices. Self-guided exploration is common, with informational brochures or online resources providing insights into the natural and historical aspects of the region.

Options For Availing Tour Guides For Branch Lake Beach

  • Local nature enthusiasts
  • Outdoor adventure centers
  • Tourism office recommendations
  • Online travel forums
  • Community-led tours
  • Independent local guides
  • Nature preservation organizations
  • Educational institutions offering tours
  • Volunteer-led nature walks
  • Regional hiking clubs
  • Historical society guided tours
  • Local tour operators
  • Online guidebooks
  • Visitor center recommendations
  • Eco-tourism initiatives

Backpack Tips & Tricks For Branch Lake Beach

When visiting Branch Lake Beach Maine, consider packing light and versatile clothing suitable for various weather conditions. Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, a reusable water bottle, sturdy footwear for hiking, a hat, and a portable charger for electronic devices. Pack a first aid kit, a map or GPS device, and snacks for energy during outdoor activities.

Backpacking Tips And Tricks For Visiting Branch Lake Beach

  • Layer clothing for changing weather
  • Use quick-dry fabrics
  • Carry a portable water filter
  • Pack lightweight, high-energy snacks
  • Use a lightweight backpack
  • Bring a waterproof phone case
  • Include a multi-tool or knife
  • Use trekking poles for stability
  • Keep a whistle for emergencies
  • Carry a compact rain jacket
  • Use zip-lock bags for organization
  • Bring a compact flashlight
  • Consider a solar-powered charger
  • Use moisture-wicking socks
  • Pack biodegradable toiletries

Useful Products For Branch Lake Beach

When visiting Branch Lake Beach, consider carrying essential products like sunscreen, insect repellent, a reusable water bottle, a first aid kit, a map or GPS device, a portable charger, a hat, and sturdy footwear. Additionally, consider bringing a lightweight backpack, snacks, and a compact rain jacket for outdoor exploration.

Useful Products That Are Considered Essential For Branch Lake Beach

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Reusable water bottle
  • First aid kit
  • Map or GPS device
  • Portable charger
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Lightweight backpack
  • High-energy snacks
  • Compact rain jacket
  • Moisture-wicking clothing
  • Quick-dry towel
  • Biodegradable toiletries
  • Multi-purpose tool or knife

Availability Of Food On Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine might offer limited food options. Visitors often bring their own picnic meals or snacks as there might not be nearby food vendors. Packing a cooler with sandwiches, fruits, and beverages is advisable. Alternatively, nearby towns might have restaurants or stores to purchase food before heading to the beach.

Food Options That You Can Avail In Branch Lake Beach

  • Sandwiches
  • Fresh fruits
  • Salads
  • Granola bars
  • Chips and snacks
  • Bottled water
  • Juices
  • Cold beverages
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Trail mix
  • Wraps
  • Pre-made salads
  • Packaged snacks
  • Homemade cookies
  • Veggie sticks with dip

Weather Details On Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine experiences diverse weather patterns. Summers are generally mild and warm, ideal for outdoor activities. Winters tend to be cold with snowfall, offering opportunities for winter sports. Spring and fall offer transitional weather, with cooler temperatures, and occasional rainfall, creating picturesque landscapes for exploration. Checking local forecasts before visiting is advisable.

Expected Branch Lake Beach Weather Details For Overall Months

Month Avg High (°F) Avg Low (°F) Precipitation (inches)
January 27 11 30
February 29 13 28
March 37 20 20
April 49 31 3
May 61 42 3
June 71 52 3
July 77 58 2
August 76 57 2
September 67 49 3
October 55 39 3
November 43 29 4
December 32 16 24

Plant Species Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine boasts a diverse array of plant species that thrive in its unique ecosystem. The area is adorned with a rich variety of flora, including native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. The vibrant greenery enhances the beauty of the landscape, creating a serene and picturesque environment for visitors to enjoy.

Plant Species At Branch Lake Beach

  • Eastern White Pine
  • Red Maple
  • Eastern Hemlock
  • Red Oak
  • Paper Birch
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Speckled Alder
  • Blueberry Bushes
  • Winterberry
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Labrador Tea
  • Sweet Gale
  • Meadowsweet
  • Common Rush
  • Sphagnum Moss

Animal Species Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach Maine is home to a diverse range of animal species, contributing to its ecological richness. This habitat hosts various creatures, including birds like herons and woodpeckers, small mammals such as chipmunks and squirrels, and occasionally larger mammals like deer. The lake’s ecosystem sustains a balanced and thriving wildlife community, captivating visitors with its natural charm.

Animals At Branch Lake Beach

  • White-tailed Deer
  • Eastern Chipmunk
  • Eastern Gray Squirrel
  • North American Beaver
  • Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
  • Muskrat
  • Eastern Coyote
  • Red Fox
  • Raccoon
  • Eastern Mole
  • Meadow Vole
  • Little Brown Bat
  • Eastern Red Bat
  • Striped Skunk
  • American Mink

Bird Species Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is a haven for diverse avian species, offering a spectacle for birdwatchers. The area attracts numerous waterfowl like mallards and mergansers, while songbirds such as warblers and finches fill the air with melodious tunes. Raptors like bald eagles occasionally grace the skies, adding to the natural allure of this lakeside sanctuary.

Birds Species In Branch Lake Beach

  • Common Loon
  • Mallard Duck
  • Hooded Merganser
  • Great Blue Heron
  • Osprey
  • Bald Eagle
  • Belted Kingfisher
  • Red-winged Blackbird
  • American Robin
  • Yellow Warbler
  • Song Sparrow
  • American Goldfinch
  • Black-capped Chickadee
  • Cedar Waxwing
  • Northern Cardinal

Nearby Attractive Places Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is surrounded by enchanting attractions that offer diverse experiences. Acadia National Park stands as a pristine gem, boasting stunning coastal views and scenic trails. The vibrant city of Bangor, with its cultural richness and historical sites, sits nearby, offering a blend of entertainment and heritage exploration for visitors.

Attractive Places Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Acadia National Park
  • Bar Harbor
  • Bangor Waterfront
  • Penobscot River Walkway
  • Cole Land Transportation Museum
  • Fort Knox State Historic Site
  • Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory
  • Maine Discovery Museum
  • Stephen King’s House (for fans)
  • Mount Desert Island
  • Cascade Park
  • Thomas Hill Standpipe
  • Paul Bunyan Statue
  • Maine Forest and Logging Museum
  • Indian Trail Park

Nearby Clubs Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine offers a serene lakeside environment, and while it’s more known for its natural beauty than nightlife, nearby areas like Bangor might feature clubs and entertainment venues. Places such as bars along Main Street, the downtown area, or venues like concert halls might provide options for those seeking nightlife experiences within a reasonable distance.

Clubs That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion
  • Sea Dog Brewing Company
  • Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub
  • Hollywood Casino Bangor
  • Penobscot Pour House
  • Timber Kitchen & Bar
  • Bangor Beer Company
  • The Downunder Club at Seasons
  • Queen City Cinema Club
  • High Tide Restaurant & Bar
  • Half Acre Nightclub
  • The New Moon Restaurant & Lounge
  • Blaze Restaurant & Lounge
  • The Tarratine Club
  • T.J.’s Classic Billiards

Nearby Spa Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine offers a tranquil lakeside setting, but for spa experiences, nearby cities like Bangor might provide options. Several spas in Bangor and its surroundings offer relaxation and wellness services. From luxurious hotel spas to specialized wellness centers, visitors can find rejuvenating treatments and massages within a short drive from the lakeside haven.

Spas That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • The Spa at the Cross Insurance Center
  • Capri Nails & Spa
  • Euphoria Salon & Day Spa
  • Tia’s Touch
  • Downtown Hair Studio & Spa
  • Serenity Salon & Spa
  • A Body in Knead
  • Holistic Wellness Center & Spa
  • Beautiful Skin & Nail Spa
  • Intuition Salon and Spa
  • Maine’s Best Day Spa
  • MassageCraft & Acupuncture Clinic
  • Lavish Nails & Spa
  • Tranquility Salon & Skin Care
  • Thrive Wellness & Recovery

Nearby Bank Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine, visitors can find banks and financial institutions within neighboring towns like Bangor. These towns typically offer various bank branches, providing convenient access to ATMs, teller services, and financial assistance. While the lake area itself may not have banks, nearby towns cater to the banking needs of residents and tourists alike.

Bank That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Bangor Savings Bank
  • KeyBank
  • TD Bank
  • Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
  • Camden National Bank

Nearby Supermarket Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine might not have a nearby supermarket, but towns nearby, like Bangor, typically offer supermarkets and grocery stores within a short drive. Visitors can access various supermarkets in these towns, providing a range of grocery options and essentials, ensuring convenience for those staying near the lake.

Supermarkets That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Hannaford
  • Shaw’s
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Market Basket

Nearby Shopping Malls Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is surrounded by several shopping malls catering to various needs. The Bangor Mall, merely a 20-minute drive away, offers a range of stores from popular brands to specialty shops. The Maine Square Mall, also nearby, provides a convenient shopping experience with its diverse array of stores, making retail therapy easily accessible for visitors to this serene lakeside retreat.

Shopping Malls That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Bangor Mall
  • Maine Square Mall
  • Bangor Parkade Shopping Center
  • Broadway Shopping Center
  • Stillwater Plaza
  • Airport Mall
  • Union Street Shopping Center

Nearby Markets Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is conveniently located near several markets providing essentials and local goods. Within a short distance, the Ellsworth Farmers Market offers fresh produce and artisanal crafts. Additionally, the Bangor Farmers Market is easily accessible, featuring a variety of local products, creating a convenient shopping experience for visitors enjoying the lakeside ambiance.

Markets That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Ellsworth Farmers Market
  • Bangor Farmers Market
  • Tiller & Rye
  • Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy (Ellsworth)
  • Shaw’s Supermarket (Ellsworth)
  • Market Basket (Bangor)
  • Natural Living Center

Nearby Guest Houses Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine offers proximity to charming guest houses for a relaxing stay. The Lucerne Inn provides a picturesque retreat with its cozy accommodations overlooking Phillips Lake, just a short drive away. Another option, the Alamoosook Lakeside Inn, offers comfortable rooms and scenic views, ensuring a tranquil lakeside getaway for visitors.

Guest Houses That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Lucerne Inn
  • Alamoosook Lakeside Inn
  • Black Bear Inn and Conference Center
  • The Eagle’s Lodge Motel
  • Aladdin Motor Inn
  • Twilite Motel
  • Colonial Inn Ellsworth
  • Comfort Inn Ellsworth
  • Hampton Inn Ellsworth-Bar Harbor
  • The Charles Inn (Bangor)
  • The Country Inn at The Mall (Bangor)
  • Holiday Inn Bangor-Outer Brewer
  • Rodeway Inn Bangor
  • Fireside Inn & Suites Bangor
  • Quality Inn Bangor Airport

Nearby Luxurious Hotels Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine offers proximity to luxurious hotels for a lavish stay. The Lucerne Inn stands out for its elegant rooms and scenic views of Phillips Lake, combining luxury with tranquility. Additionally, the Black Bear Inn and Conference Center provides upscale amenities, ensuring a lavish experience amid the serene lakeside surroundings.

Luxury Hotels That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Lucerne Inn
  • Alamoosook Lakeside Inn
  • The Eagle’s Lodge Motel
  • Black Bear Inn and Conference Center
  • The Charles Inn (Bangor)
  • The Country Inn at The Mall (Bangor)
  • Hampton Inn Ellsworth-Bar Harbor
  • Holiday Inn Bangor-Outer Brewer
  • Fireside Inn & Suites Bangor
  • Comfort Inn Ellsworth
  • Rodeway Inn Bangor
  • Quality Inn Bangor Airport
  • Four Points by Sheraton Bangor Airport
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Bangor
  • Bangor Inn & Suites

Nearby Cheap Hotels Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine offers affordable lodging options for budget-conscious travelers. The Twilite Motel provides comfortable and reasonably priced rooms, catering to those seeking a cost-effective stay near the lake. Additionally, the Aladdin Motor Inn offers affordable accommodations without compromising on basic amenities, ensuring a budget-friendly experience amidst the serene surroundings.

Cheap Hotels That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Twilite Motel
  • Aladdin Motor Inn
  • Colonial Inn Ellsworth
  • The Eagle’s Lodge Motel
  • Rodeway Inn Bangor
  • Bangor Inn & Suites
  • Motel 6 Bangor
  • Days Inn by Wyndham Bangor
  • Travelodge by Wyndham Bangor
  • Super 8 by Wyndham Bangor
  • Quality Inn Bangor Airport
  • Comfort Inn Bangor
  • Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Bangor
  • TownePlace Suites by Marriott Bangor
  • Ramada by Wyndham Bangor

Nearby Luxurious Restaurants Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is surrounded by exquisite dining options offering luxurious culinary experiences. The Lucerne Inn boasts a fine dining restaurant with picturesque lake views, serving delectable gourmet dishes. Additionally, the Black Bear Inn’s restaurant offers an upscale ambiance and a diverse menu, ensuring a lavish dining experience near the serene lakeside setting.

Luxury Restaurants That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • The Lucerne Inn Restaurant
  • The Tavern at The Lucerne Inn
  • The Lakeside Restaurant at Alamoosook Lakeside Inn
  • Chippers Restaurant at Alamoosook Lakeside Inn
  • The Maine Harvest Dining Room at Black Bear Inn
  • Blaze Restaurant at Black Bear Inn
  • Cleonice Mediterranean Bistro (Ellsworth)
  • Sips Cafe (Ellsworth)
  • Fiddlehead Restaurant (Bangor)
  • Timber Kitchen & Bar (Bangor)
  • Massimo’s Cucina Italiana (Bangor)
  • The Heritage on 9 Restaurant & Tavern (Bangor)
  • 11 Central Restaurant (Bangor)
  • The Fiddlehead Restaurant & Bar (Bangor)
  • The Family Dog (Orland)

Nearby Cheap Restaurants Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine offers affordable dining options for budget-conscious visitors. The Family Dog serves up delicious meals at reasonable prices, catering to those seeking budget-friendly dining near the lake. Additionally, Sips Cafe in Ellsworth offers a casual atmosphere and affordable menu items, ensuring a wallet-friendly dining experience amidst the serene surroundings.

Cheap Restaurants That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • The Family Dog
  • Sips Cafe
  • Pat’s Pizza (Ellsworth)
  • Helen’s Restaurant (Ellsworth)
  • Finelli Pizzeria (Ellsworth)
  • Bangkok Restaurant (Ellsworth)
  • Union River Lobster Pot (Ellsworth)
  • Flexit Cafe & Bakery (Ellsworth)
  • Governor’s Restaurant & Bakery (Ellsworth)
  • Chipper’s Restaurant (Orland)
  • Off the Hook Restaurant & Marina (Bucksport)
  • Harbor View Grille (Bucksport)
  • Tim Hortons (Ellsworth)
  • McDonald’s (Ellsworth)
  • Subway (Ellsworth)

Nearby Public Transport For Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine might not have direct public transportation options due to its more secluded location. However, nearby areas like Ellsworth and Bangor offer bus services, including the Downeast Transportation bus system and Concord Coach Lines, providing transportation to various destinations. Taxis and rideshare services might also be available for travelers seeking transport to and from Branch Lake Beach.

Nearby Public Transportations Options For Branch Lake Beach

  • Downeast Transportation (bus service)
  • Concord Coach Lines (intercity bus service)
  • Bar Harbor Shuttle (shuttle service)
  • Greyhound Bus Lines
  • Bangor International Airport shuttle services
  • Taxi services in Ellsworth and Bangor
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Bangor Area Transportation (BAT) community buses
  • Ellsworth Connector
  • Bangor City Bus
  • Ellsworth Jolly Trolley
  • Airport shuttles from Bangor to nearby towns
  • Local car rental services in Ellsworth and Bangor
  • Private shuttle services operating in the region

Nearby Airports Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is conveniently accessible from nearby airports. The Bangor International Airport, approximately a 30-minute drive away, serves as a major hub for domestic and international flights, providing easy access to the lakeside retreat. Another option is the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport, offering regional flights and located about 45 minutes from Branch Lake Beach.

Airports That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Bangor International Airport (BGR)
  • Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport (BHB)
  • Knox County Regional Airport (RKD)
  • Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle (PQI)
  • Portland International Jetport (PWM)

Nearby Hospitals Of Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is surrounded by several hospitals offering medical care to residents and visitors. Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, about a 30-minute drive away, stands as a major healthcare facility. Close by is St. Joseph Hospital, providing comprehensive medical services, ensuring accessible healthcare near this lakeside destination.

Hospitals That Are Considered Near Branch Lake Beach

  • Eastern Maine Medical Center (Bangor)
  • St. Joseph Hospital (Bangor)
  • Maine Coast Memorial Hospital (Ellsworth)
  • Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital (Blue Hill)
  • Waldo County General Hospital (Belfast)

Google Map Location For Branch Lake Beach

Branch Lake Beach in Maine is located in the town of Ellsworth, near Route 1A. To find it on Google Maps, search for “Branch Lake Beach, Ellsworth, Maine.” The beach is easily accessible by car and offers a serene lakeside setting for picnics, swimming, and outdoor activities.

Exact Map Link For Branch Lake Beach

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Is there an entrance fee for Branch Lake Beach?

Ans: No, Branch Lake Beach doesn’t charge an entrance fee; it’s open to the public.

Q: Are pets allowed at Branch Lake Beach?

Ans: Yes, leashed pets are permitted at Branch Lake Beach.

Q: Are there picnic areas at Branch Lake Beach?

Ans: Yes, there are designated picnic areas with tables and grills available.

Q: Is swimming allowed at Branch Lake Beach?

Ans: Yes, swimming is permitted in the designated swimming areas.

Q: Are there restroom facilities at Branch Lake Beach?

Ans: Yes, the beach provides restroom facilities for visitors’ convenience.

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